Learn how to utilize the Internet of Things

We help organizations with the consequences of sensor technology, connectivity and actionable analytics

Does your team understand Business Model Innovation?

We train professionals how to develop new products and services that lead to economic, social and environmental change

Are you ready for organizational change? It's NOT an option..

We help leading organizations with the transformation of their culture of innovation, competitive position and business model

Transformation to an era of digital, action-oriented services

Connected Companies & Cities

KAAP is a consultancy firm focused on discovering, developing, implementing and transforming digital products and services. We do this by combining business understanding, human centered design, analytics and sensor technology.

We are excited by businesses and cities that have the courage to transform their organization.

  • Transformations to make cities more accessible, safer and more livable
  • Transformations to convert data smarter, more action-oriented
  • Transformations to be better connected with the latest ideas of your customers
  • Transformations to work with employees, partners and customers on new eco-systems

Today's digital reality

Many companies and cities are struggling to keep up with the current digital pace of their clients and people. Consequently organizations lose connection with their employees, partners and customers and forget to improve their processes, data management and competitiveness.
Some organizations did manage to transform their business models in time. 'General Motors' developed from a conventional carmaker to a full-service connected company, running shoe manufacturer 'Nike' innovated to a developer of digital self-tracking applications, Royal Dutch Airlines, 'KLM' combines its passengers information with social media data to generate new business contacts, 'Vanderlande Industries' recombines manufacturing techniques, robotics and IT.

New thinking, new possibilities

To connect with the opportunities of a new era of connectivity and communication, new ways of thinking are needed. KAAP helps customers realize this paradigm shift so they can learn - faster than their competition - where the opportunities lie.

KAAP uses a 6-steps digital business transformation plan that offers the following benefits:

  • Fast value improvement of (new) products, services and processes
  • A thorough inventory of the company's competitiveness and innovation culture
  • Low-threshold entry with one-day workshops
  • Premium subscription with periodic recommendations on the adaptation of innovative technology and business models
  • Realization of cost-efficient, scalable prototypes

Sense of urgency

We like to make an appointment to consider the following questions:

  • Do you have an appetite for change & transformation? Is their sense of urgency?
  • What if you look beyond your own discipline or specialization?
  • What should you stop doing? less paper? Less travel?
  • What if your organization would be competing with themselves?
  • What is your customer's voice?
  • How do you anticipate to the 'Internet of Things' reality?