The Internet of Business Things

The Internet of (Business) Things

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communication and the Internet of Things (IoT) describe the automatic exchange of information between machines, devices and people in space and time. The IoT and QS developments all map out scenarios in which things around us - from machines in manufacturing to everyday objects - exchange and evaluate data automatically and create added value for us humans. Since huge amounts of data need to be stored and interpreted in the process, machine communication goes hand in hand with developments like Cloud Computing and Big Data Predictive Analytics.

Computerized and connected physical objects

Machine-to-Machine communication and analytics typically share the following design principles:

  • Sensors and IT components are integrated in or attached to objects or devices
  • Objects gather data like operating conditions and movements in time and space
  • Captured data is relayed to a server via mobile or fixed-line networks
  • There, the data is stored and evaluated
  • If the sensor and machine data meets certain preassigned criteria (business rules/triggers), further actions are set in motion (alerts)