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Upgrade to PREMIUM to keep abreast of connected technology developments in your industry

We inform you each month about the cultural, operational and technological trends. How are you doing compared to your competitors? How good is your technological adaptation? We offer an annual competitor analysis.

Every quarter we go online and discuss: urgent changes, opportunities and/or threats within your company? With our practical, action-oriented insights you are working towards new products or services.

Personal results

  • Your knowledge about connected services and products has increased
  • You will never feel that you are facing disruption alone
  • You are empowered to transform products and services

Results for your organization

  • Annual situation analysis and personal business model canvas
  • Quarterly newsletter about your industry
  • Three-monthly call (via Skype) about your company and the latest opportunities
  • Always a consultant available that knows your business


Do you want information or a subscription, you can reach us at +31 6 2077 5641